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Being a keen gardener, when I lived at Whitegate Cottage it was a challenge to find room to grow all the plants I loved. Instead, I concentrated on making the most of the space I had and grew tomatoes and strawberries in containers in the sunny front yard, and flowers behind in the garden. I did a garden design course and made sure there was still a “journey” in the back garden, allbeit a short walk, rather than a long meander… Luckily a neighbour spotted my attempts at the good life and offered me a space in a nearby field to grow some veggies, and this eventually led me to buying a share in the field. The veg plot has expanded and I also now have a flower garden there where I grow cut flowers for the cottage. The garden at the cottage is planted with lots of colourful perennials and seasonal bulbs to provide some year round interest, as well as a lovely space to sit. The front yard has planters and a gorgeous Clematis Montana which flowers it’s socks off in Spring!

Dahlias, calendulas and rudbeckias in a bunch against a slate background
Flowers from the cutting garden

clematic montana rubens next to front door
Clematis Montana in the Spring
pale purple scabious
Scabious front garden